Hi! My name is Klaudia, photographer based in Nottingham, specialise in fashion, portraiture, family and interiors photography 
I got my interest for photography when I was 15 just by photographing some flowers in my back garden. It was really simply but same time really exciting to get to know all them little details while capturing an image. Now I am nearly 25 with about 6 years experience working professionally with clients and a foundation degree diploma. From over 3 years I am working as a school and nursery photographer, where I got all my joy from!


A photographer’s job is much more than taking just pictures – and I understand this quite well. It is something that keeps your memories forever. It reminds  you about good times in different places. I have an inherent ability to realize and capture compositions to show the world what the human eye can sometimes not see. 

The most important thing in my job is to get to know my clients. Is this your wedding? Engagement shot or simply a little gift for your other half? I try to be your guide to show you all the little hints and leads to get the best results.

My photos were published in sport magazines, used for new albums and Cd covers but also I had few exhibitions, which are described below:


18/08/2016 – Rebus Exhibition

The theme of the exhibition was to present a high quality images of students being graduated. My work was based on how women were portray in a sculptures in 17th century presenting a set of 7 images. Photographs were printed to A1 size and mounted onto mdf by myself.


4/02/2016 – Focus Central Photography Agency Launch Event

It was a launch event for the college company that we set up together as a group. We showed a wide range of different genres of photography from shoots we have done as an agency along with some personal work from photographers within the agency. My work was displayed on mdf in A1 size presenting interiors photography.


11/06/2015 – Evidence – End of first year FDA show

There was lots of different variations of how students understand the word evidence through photography. My work was presenting Rugby players covered in mud, exhibited in trays filled up with ground instead of hanging them into the wall.

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